Microsoft leading the way!?

Microsoft get a lot of stick about their complex software licensing and the recent changes from processor to core. Other vendors are doing the same but it is not as high profile in the press. I was recently approached and invited to go on a series of Microsoft license training days paid for by Microsoft and open to many organisations. The days was very useful and run by Microsoft licensing team so had the right people available to answer specific customer questions.

This got me thinking after the full day licensing session and I decided to approach various other vendors to see what they offer on licensing. The results were interesting and included “we don’t need to do this as our licensing is simple” to a very strange look from our account manager followed by “talk to your LAR” from one of the other big 4 vendors.

Talking to the account managers it was interesting to see the difference levels of licensing knowledge compared to the knowledge on sales deals and key sales dates etc which were definitely implanted deep in their consciousness.

Don’t be fobbed off by your LAR or account manager and ask questions on how is this application licensed but also how can I measure legal compliance across our estate without the purchase of another application. If the answer is by purchasing another application that will need licenses, managing and maintaining then can you get a discount to fund the additional measuring application or look at other vendors.