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Software asset management (SAM) has been described as “all of the infrastructure and processes necessary for the effective management, control and protection of the software assets within an organisation, throughout all stages of their lifecycle.” SAM can be undertaken by turnkey software tools and, for large global organisations, this may be the best approach. But for any organisation it’s still a daunting task; the number of software installations can be enormous, the licensing text can be impenetrable, whilst the tracking of refreshes and upgrades and of virtual desktop installations can be overwhelming.

Fortunately Trusted ITAM exists to help you navigate the licensing labyrinth. We know from hands on experience that undertaking a SAM programme isn’t easy or simple. Even for relatively small businesses the challenges can seem disproportionately vast when judged against the risk of ‘getting caught’. But, as we can demonstrate, the benefits extend beyond the risk of a potentially business-threatening fine. And, as we can demonstrate, cost reductions can be achieved by unlocking hidden industry processes and fully leveraging current and discovered licence entitlements.

Trusted ITAM as your partner can advise, from reconciling and legitimising your assets to helping you unlock savings. Because we want you to be honest, we’re going to be honest too; there are software tools you can buy which try to do almost all of this and, if you call us for an initial chat, it may well be that we point you in that direction and walk away. But that route won’t grasp the big picture, it won’t be able to talk your business language leave alone talk to your key executives. It won’t tell you what information to record or how you might develop a self defence strategy against vendor audits. And, of course, it’s more licences to worry about.

So, for less worry, for the honest answers, to de-mystify the complexities and make those first steps in legitimising assets and saving money, contact Trusted ITAM.



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